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I PUKED MY GUTS OUT TODAY. It sucked. Vomiting's a lot worse than I remembered. Most of my experiences with barfing are usually out of allergies (peanuts) where the swelling of my gums kinda took away any memories of the actual vomiting. I couldn't help but think it must've been what being in labor is like in how you have to keep PUSHING AND SHOVING and you get pissed off at everyone who's telling you to get on your knees and bend over the toilet and puke it up already and everything. I might be having the stomach flu, which would make sense since my brother reported that on Christmas Eve he suddenly got sick and started puking. I'm feeling a lot better now, tho'.

4chan picture post might be delayed because Twilight Princess is an AWESOME GAME. I finished the Forest Temple last night and now I'm on the second runthrough of the Twilight Zone World. The only thing this game could do with is a better soundtrack. It sounds dead compared to the music used in the previous games and often doesn't fit with the mood of the setting--and this is coming from someone who frequently takes music for granted. That aside, it's great game. I won't give any big spoilers away, but the way the Forest Temple boss dies is incredible.

So Silent Hill 2 is going to be made into a movie, and Neil Gaiman's going to be one of the screenwriters for it. Aside from Gaiman being involved, I can't help but feel really pessimistic about this. The only thing that could change this around would be if David Lynch were to direct it, but that'd take a miracle.

Off to play more Zelda. See you in a few years.
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