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Yesterday I got to work with the saber in fencing. It was AWESOME and BADASS. Saturday can't come soon enough.

After putting it off for many months, I finally got around to watching the first five episodes of Ouran Koukou Host Club. I'm enjoying it so far; it's not as brilliant as Golden Boy in terms of humor, but it has its moments. While the twins seem to be the favorites of 95% of the fandom, Tamaki's really what makes the series, in my opinion. Everything about him from the "Mom/Dad" role he shares with Kyouya and how he tries all these attempts to get Haruhi interested in him with an endless amount of confidence and then fails miserably cracks me up. Haruhi herself is a great, refreshing character, too, and one of the few shoujo heroines that never makes you want to strangle her to death (plus she's voiced by Maaya Sakamoto and SHE MAKES MY PANTS TIGHT). All in all, I'll keep watching the series, and I'm sure I'll keep enjoying it as long as it never changes its tone and dives into the angst territory.

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