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Lady looks like a dude

So, we all have our least favorite cliches in stories. Damsels in distress, a plot device coming out of nowhere just when the situation is at its worst, the characters all living happily ever after, etc.

Mine lately has been the story involving a tomboyish girl who suddenly tries becoming more feminine. Now, I'm not against this IRL, and sometimes I'll let it pass in fiction if it's handled well. If a girl wants to be feminine, good for her. The problem is that I keep seeing this over and over again. What irks me is that the girl usually does it in order to please her friends/family or a guy she's attracted to--rarely for herself. What irks me even more is that this is usually being treated as a good thing, as though the girl's life is now "better" now that she's finally decided to to be what's expected of her in society, rather than be who she really wants to be.

I'd like for once to see a story where either:
a. The girl starts out a tomboy, changes her lifestyle to a more feminine one to be "normal", wants to be comfortable with this new change but can't (and denies her feelings with being uncomfortable with it), and then, in the end, decides she's more comfortable with just being herself, regardless of what her friends or family think.
b. The girl starts out trying to be feminine but slowly starts finding the more masculine lifestyle more appealing. She's not sure how to react to this, continues trying to be feminine so others wouldn't think her strange (or suspect her of being a lesbian) but slowly gets in touch with her more masculine side and feels more comfortable with it.
c. A girl who isn't trying to be anything at all.
...and probably a few other ideas I, once again, forgot.

(And before anyone asks "But what about the drag queens, MP?", I rarely come across any guys in fiction who act feminine but then try to be manlier. And if there are, there sure as hell aren't a lot of them from what I've seen.)
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