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I forgot it was even Halloween today.

As a result, I haven't really been in the spirit of it, though I wasn't last year, either. I was planning on watching The Exorcist that I taped last weekend, but the only room with a VCR I could use was one my dad was using. There weren't any other horror movies in the house and I wasn't in the mood to play any of the survival horror games I had, so I browsed the /d/ section of 4chan in a desperate attempt to disturb the hell out of myself. Shockingly enough, /d/ wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

In more exciting news, the same lizard I mentioned in one of my earlier posts (or at least the same type) paid another visit to the laundry room where I found him in the same spot as where I found him last time.

Happy Halloween, etc.
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