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I finished reading The Exorcist a few days ago. I really enjoyed it, though my favorite character died and the whole semi-suplot (if that makes sense) with Chris' divorce seemed to sort of fade away and I was hoping it'd explain it more. I may have missed something which I usually tend to do with reading, but I plan to read it again sometime. And yeah, I'm planning on watching the movie soon--probably this weekend, though I'm expecting two MST3k DVDs to be arriving from Netflix soon which may keep my occupied instead.

Now I'm reading Misery, which is really addicting. Addicting if your one who's into torture of both the physical and psychological kind. I was even shocked by it several times, and none of them involved even a single splot of blood in it. The one that most comes to mind is when Annie (who is the epitome of a RABID BATSHIT FANGIRL) leaves Paul all alone out of anger for the ending he gave his final Misery book. Paul relies on Annie for capsules to ease the pain in his broken legs, which are completely out of reach and behind the locked door. But that's not all. After a while Paul becomes so thirsty and at the same time needs to take a piss. I think you can guess just how he used the latter to his advantage.

And now I'll conclude this entry with a personality test stolen from everyone:

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