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Little Miss Sunshine

I couldn't get through it. I have this great hatred for comedy/dramas in that they frequently can't seem to tell which they want to be and this, unfortunately, is no exception. It had a nice setup with the family being depressed and dysfunctional, yet quirky. I liked where it was going--up until the family trip.

I hated where this movie went in the same way I hated National Lampoon's Summer Vacation with the trip being a disaster with one thing after another getting increasingly worse. Some of which was of a humorous nature, but I can't stand that sort of humor, either.

I hate family drama movies. I don't care how realistic or well done or clever they are. They never sit well with me. And I especially hate the kind that have humor mixed in them--it only makes it worse and more painful to watch.

I will say though that the acting was superb (especially during the scene with Dwayne having an emotional breakdown after finding out he was color blind) and I really liked Frank and Dwayne. If anything, the movie should've just been all about them. A gay, suicidal intellectual and a color blind, silent kid who wants to become a pilot. A bizarre concept, but I'd like to see it.

Don't kill/amputate/etc. me?
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