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You know, I don't update this a whole lot despite so many things I need to get out of my head. I need to ramble about the wonder that is Berserk (I will say though that I've come to the conclusion that Guts is Auron's great-[repeat n times]-grandfather), write up my review on Batman (the original Tim Burton one), make an obligatory emo post, write up my ponderings about the book and movie differences of Marathon Man, how much I am enjoying doing research on Tex Avery for my personal project, that acid trippy dream I had about Eraserhead and End of Evangelion, etc. etc.

Not to mention that I still need to finish up capping episode 17 of Escaflowne and finish those icons I need to make you guys for that meme.

But NO. My lazy tendencies are forcing me to rebel against my urges or else I'll never masturbate again! I was, however, able to sneak this post in to advertise a killer YTMND not made by me and probably one you've already seen:

Jafar is Fucking Dead


I promise I'll get to work on the rest of those icons soon. this weekend. really!
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