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Hey kids, it's that time again!

Bizarre dream time!

This one had to do with this movie about these aliens. They looked a bit like the tripods from War of the Worlds, except that they had reddish skin all over them. The movie was about how these aliens were going to destroy the world and this woman is hired to help destroy them along with this other guy. The other guy goes to fight the group of aliens while he tells the woman to go kill the baby inside of this woman who's about to give birth to one of the aliens (starting to sound like a B-budget film, no?)

When she gets to the hospital she sneaks around to find the room of the woman. This is where it starts to get weird yet cool. The husband of the pregnant woman is Jon Stewart and she, the woman hired to kill the baby, somehow gets the baby before it's born (and no, not the fetus) and quickly hides away from Jon Stewart. She's now running for her life to get out of the hospital and Jon Stewart's in pursuit of her as soon as he realizes that the baby's gone and she runs into this school and hides into one of the classrooms. She looks at the baby who looks like the same baby from Eraserhead and...I can't remember if she forms some sort of bond with it or what, but I don't think she ever kills the baby.

Then I'm looking at the reviews for the movie which are mostly mediocre, and then I see the cover of the DVD, which makes it look like a comedy that has nothing to do with aliens.

That's...all I can remember. Though there was more, but that's it.

Off to go play some Fatal Frame and maybe get started on capping the seventh episode of Escaflowne. Good night.
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