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Tex Avery cartoons

Sorry that this update is just another youtube related one, but while looking at banned cartoons I found a Tex Avery made one that convinced me to search out for more of his work. As a result, I was hit over the head with the nostalgia mallet. Made me excessively happy. I swear, as much as I love the work of Walt Disney and Chuck Jones, I think I like Tex Avery's work even more. (plus he made some cartoons of the penguin character Chilly Willy and thus wins bonus points)

Red Hot Riding Hood (of all these to see, this one is a DEFINITE MUST as it is amazing and made me rofl)
Blitz Wolf
The Farm of Tomorrow
Little Johnny Jet
One Cab's Family

...just to name a few.

Anyone know if they'll be released on DVD anytime soon? :D (oh yeah, keep in mind that I'm not referring to "The Wacky World of Tex Avery" series that was made in the late 90's. Though, I dunno how many people remember that...KILL IT. KILL IT WITH A SPOON.)
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