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Holy shit an update

RE: The Awards/Graduation Ceremony - Overall it was better than I expected it to be. I got two silver honor rolls and a Citizenship award, which was probably the first award I'd gotten that wasn't a piece of paper. Listening to the speeches of the kids graduating...dragged, but there was no dance at the end which meant that all was good.

RE: "Cars" - After the trailer was released, many believed this was going to be the film that would be Pixar's "downfall". I was really skeptical about it myself--on one hand, the trailers for The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. sure didn't make either movie look too good, but they both ended up being unexpectedly amazing films. On the other hand, there was still a good chance that, while others may have liked it, I, on the other hand, may not. I know that Toy Story was the one movie of Pixar's that really didn't click with me, but everyone seems to hail it as the best of the studio's works. A Bug's Life is my favorite Pixar film, but a lot of people consider it to be the weakest of Pixar's works.

...that, er, long rambling said, I really enjoyed the movie. Humor was clever, characters were memorable (the hippi truck is GOD), premise was original, and the races were fun to watch without being too long. Overall, I'd give it a B+, as it did drag a little in the middle part. I'll probably see it again sometime. Oh yeah, I also liked the "One Man Band" short they showed at the beginning. And...that's all I can say there.

RE: "Psycho" - You know, it really pains me that thrillers like this just don't seem to be made anymore. Even after seeing the shower scene being parodied to death, I can still feel my hair just standing on end when that SCREECHING music plays as the scene takes place. I can only imagine just how freaky it must've been for the audience seeing it the theater to hear that music for the very first time.

But the most disturbing part of the movie wasn't even that--no, it was the ending. Scary shit. Psychologically so, that is. I won't give it away as the plot twist within it is right up there with Silent Hill 2's as something where you just Don't See It Coming. And as Hitchcock himself advised (and had required when the movie was being shown in theaters), it's best to see the movie from beginning to end. Don't skip any parts and don't take any breaks else it'll make the film less enjoyable.

Very short other updates:
- School is out. Enough said there.
- Monster (the manga) and Marathon Man (both incarnations) own me. You guys need to read/watch them if you aren't already. AND PLAY SILENT HILL WHY HAVE SO MANY OF YOU NOT PLAYED THOSE GAMES
- And after having to watch Casablanca in Language Arts, I can safely say that this is the most accurate summarization of the movie yet.
- Replayed and beat Silent Hill 3, as the extra game I played gave let you have a flame thrower and a beam saber. It was sweet.

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