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This morning I was feeling terrific. Now I feel lousy. No idea why.

Eh, well I guess it could've had to do with the shock I got from the character designs for the fourth season of Batman (a.k.a. "The New Batman Adventures"). Some of them look alright (Harley, Batgirl, Batman), some of them aren't great but still tolerable (Clayface, Ivy), and some of them just made me cringe (The Joker, Bruce). I'll probably get used to them as I watch more of the episodes but I dunno. goddammit the joker's design is LAME I didn't like the first episode much and I probably wouldn't have liked it any more if it were using the old designs but...does it get better later on?

On a more positive note, I find this bigass beetle outside of a building on my way out from fencing class. Not quite sure what kind it is, but my Biology teacher probably will. I can't wait to pin it down on Tuesday when I get back to school.

Also watched a few more episodes of the X-files today--"Shadows" and "Ice" were incredible.

And now, a Silent Hill 3 quiz:

Take this quiz!

And now for something completely different: does anyone want me to make them an icon? I think it's been well over a year since I did that "icon request" meme and I'm really in an icon-making mood today ever since I discovered the wonder that is Photoshop. Be specific with your request though; I can't read minds. :B
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