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Alright, about the dream. Well, first it involved me making this animutation...I can't remember what it was about exactly, but it involved the floating disembodied head of Mr. T. and I think the music from the Richard Kiel Experience was playing in the background. I posted it on this one website for animutations and got a few comments on it. Some said "O THIS IS A MASTERPIECE SEKWEL NOW" and one said "This isn't faithful to the gameplay". I don't know what that meant, but that's what it said.

Then the dream switches to these two explorers--one who looked old, and the other who...didn't. They were investigating this fortress-like place made of bamboo and the younger one suddenly ran into King Kong. Kong chased him around the fortress until he stopped. Then the elder guy told the younger one that they should approach Kong quietly and treat him nicely so he wouldn't attack again. His plan worked, and they cautiously walked out of the fortress.

When they got out, the elder guy said that they should find some way to get on to the other side of the area but they couldn't swim in the water as there were some ducks in it and they didn't want to get dirty. Then the dream shifts to the Happy Feet/Ice Age 2 bit--the penguins are trying to find land before the ice melts and then suddenly, the piece of land that the two explorers are standing on moves over to the place where the penguins are and the penguins move to the land (one of them yells out "WE HAVE FOUND THE PARADISE LAND!")

Then, the dream shifts yet again to a different setting--this being a roller coaster that was apparentally the trailer for the next movie of the King Kong trilogy. For some reason I said, "Wait...but isn't this the fourth movie? So isn't it no longer a trilogy now?" and then someone says "No, it's the third" and after I get off of this roller coaster, a few friends of mine from school and my siblings debate on which ride we were going to go on next at Disneyland. I wanted to go on Indiana Jones while the rest of the group wanted to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, but are decision in the end was to go on this one very, very old ride that for some reason always appears in my dreams having to do with Disneyland. It looks a bit like a globe and it's a sort of homage to certain old animated Disney movies, decipting scenes from them.

I also had a dream a few days ago before this one, but it's nothing too exciting--I find this family of foxes in my backyard and get to hold one of them, and then it shifts to me going to this farm and breaking open barrels to find gold in them (yeah, too much Resident Evil 4) and suddenly Walter Sullivan from Silent Hill 4 shows up and starts shooting at me (alright, so maybe it was an exciting dream...but not as detailed as the other dream).

Weekend update: NOTHING! :O Well, the weekend before last weekend I saw Silent Hill again and...that's about it.

Finals tommorow.

[obligatory "WRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY" goes here]
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