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The Lowdown

- We're starting an insect collection in Biology and started looking for bugs on Thursday. Unfortunately, I didn't find any unusual critters--just beetles and flies. No one else caught anything too interesting either, other than a true bug, which was cool. We'll be continuing looking for bugs this week and will probably going to a different area that has a larger variety of bugs.

- I was so tired on Friday due to the allergy medicine I took that the moment I got home I flopped on my bed and took a long, what appeared to be 3 or 4 hour long nap. I don't fall asleep in the day easily so...that was very unusual. I also ended up missing my boxing class as a result of it.

- If the Richard Kiel Experience didn't cause you to develop a phobia of Hello Kitty, Gender Neutral will.

- Resident Evil 4 is eating my brain or maybe it already has eaten it. I'm up to chapter 3-1 right now and I need to know--is it just me, or do the monks sound like they're chanting the word "Colgate"?

- Mission Impossible III was Not A Good Movie. If you want a good plot you won't like it. If you want character development you won't like it. If all you want is action scenes you still won't like it. The plot has no idea where it wants to go, the characters are frustratingly inconsistent in both their motives and just whether they're supposed to be Good Guys or Bad Guys, and the action scenes mostly consist of explosions accomponied by the abuse of the shaky camera effect to give you a headache. In short, skip it. Save your money for something more promising--like Snakes on a Plane.
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