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Review of what's been going on these past few days:

(in no particular order)
- Got Walter's wings clipped. The nurse who was helping the doctor clipping his wings apparentally had a phobia of birds (though she didn't mind the smaller ones as long as they didn't fly around the room) and I interviewed her for my project.
- Finished up my personal project on phobias.
- Bought the V for Vendetta comic which I'm about a thirdway through.
- Watched more of Batman: the Animated Series (on the third boxset now). I've been thinking about screencapping one of the episodes, but I'm not sure which. If anyone wants me to cap any, let me know which episode you want to be capped and, well, I'll cap it.
- Finally watched Secret of NIMH. Amazing movie.
- Finished reading Grapes of Wrath.
- Had a dream about reading chapter 58 of FMA...except it didn't involve anything that happened in the chapter. Instead it was about Shinichi (Detective Conan) being pursued by my fencing teacher (what) who wanted to capture him in order to get this crime done involving sewing these fetuses on a woman (WHAT) and Shinichi ended up hiding in this drug store while spying on him, until he eventually did find him. It was...interesting.

Yep. That's about it.
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