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Nier Replicant, completed

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I am going to see my beloved partner Tat in person for the first time tonight! She is going to be staying with me for the next eight days. I am jittery with excitement, and may be away from all social media for a while.
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Nier Replicant, continued

I was planning on having my next entry cover the second half of the game and all the endings--maybe making a separate exception for the new ending E--but I started up route B and it threw a massive fucking curveball at me (it's new content that wasn't in Gestalt, and that's all I will say). So! Saving that for another entry.

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Nier Replicant

I played the North American release of Nier aka Nier Gestalt (aka Papa Nier) back in 2019, an experience I walked away from frustrated--both by the message it tried to convey, and the repetition necessary to get the endings that consequently diminished the impact of most of its emotional scenes. When the remake was announced, I was interested and excited for it, because despite--or, possibly, because of--all my frustrations, the game did interest me. I liked the world, I liked the characters, there were a number of scenes and even sidequests that did a number on me emotionally, even if a couple were drained of their power due to the aforementioned game mechanics. It's a game I'd think about every so often, months after finishing, and even if it was out of frustration, it at least made me feel something in the end.

I'm not sure if I'll be getting those problems of mine remedied in Replicant, as I don't know how or if they tweaked the mechanics to make the process of obtaining the endings less arduous, but I am enjoying it a lot so far! I finished the first half today and thought I'd chronicle my thoughts.

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Hannibal season 2 rewatch notes

This was an unexpectedly difficult season to take notes on. Hannibal is a show that tends to hold its cards closely to its chest and leave it to the audience to make the necessary inferences--even in the mostly straightforward first season--but that spike in shrouding its true intentions becomes greater as it ups its game of 4D chess amongst the characters this season.

As with the previous season, I haven't checked out any of the commentaries and could be way off base on some of these observations (though honestly, even if I do find out these have been rebuked I'm probably going to stick to my guns because I'm stubborn when it comes to my especially favored interpretations). I parsed through the scripts this time which is why it took much longer for me to post my thoughts, hah. I'll probably edit this as sporadically as I did my last entry too.

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Hannibal season 1 rewatch notes

Beginning of rewatching the first episode: I don’t think I need to take notes, I’m just going to write my impressions down and hope that’s good enough
Midway through rewatching the first episode: Shit I should probably take notes
End of rewatching the first episode: I need to watch that again

Note: I haven't listened to the commentaries yet, so my interpretations and guesses may have already been disputed or clarified by the staff.

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Eye candy

Do you dream much, Will?

I've been watching the Hannibal TV series on call with my partner, Tat. I initially put off watching it for a while because...everything I'd heard about the show sounded like it would be so, extremely, my kind of brand that it'd take over my brain and I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it to the point of embarrassment on my own behalf.

And that's exactly what happened.

We're almost finished with season two, and I've been in need of fixes between our watches (because I am a sad, sad man) so I've been looking into more of the Hannibalverse. I finished reading Red Dragon yesterday and I have thoughts.

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Election Day

I submitted my ballot last month and got confirmation it was received.

I'm calm, but only because the 2016 election broke me so thoroughly that I don't think I have anything left for this one to break.