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Watching Twin Peaks

I've seen the pilot many times, watched up to episode four of the first season about three years ago, and am now finally sitting down to watch it the whole way through. I just finished episode 9 of season 2, the last one David Lynch worked on before returning for the last episode of said season.

Here's what I've "known" about the show prior to watching it:
  • It's really good.
  • It's really weird, but that comes with the territory of it being a Lynch work.
  • It's amazing until Lynch leaves, then it's terrible before it becomes amazing again when he returns.
  • Agent Dale Cooper is an adorable ray of sunshine.
  • James sucks.
  • Lynch originally conceived Laura's murder to be a neverending mystery before the network made him wrap up the plotline.
I'll address the validity of these point by point:
  • It's good, hasn't scratched that itch for me yet. Hasn't resonated. It's not something I love to the point of longing to own a physical copy of it.
  • It can get weird, though sometimes I feel it doesn't get weird enough, or at enough times.
  • I can't vouch for the quality of where season two goes as of writing this, as indicated at the beginning.
  • Agent Dale Cooper is an adorable ray of sunshine. His scene with Audrey in his hotel room in season one is so sweet and one of my favorite scenes in the series. I also loved the scene of him holding Leland, stroking his hair and tenderly giving him words of reassurance.
  • I don't feel strongly about James's character either way. He's not very interesting on his own, but his plotline working with Donna and Maddy trying to solve Laura's murder was, so it mostly evens out for me in the end. I don't know what Donna sees in him after he cheated on her though.
  • It certainly feels that way. The conclusion felt rushed in a way that felt out of sync with the show's slow, deliberate pacing, the way the answers were found felt too convenient and clean, and while it had its moments (see: the scene with Cooper and Leland) I can tell this wasn't the story Lynch wanted to tell. He wanted to tell a lot more, and I wish I could have seen more of it. I'll be getting that in the third season, I know, but it would have been interesting to see where he'd have taken things from there at that time.
I'm not looking forward to powering through the rest of the season if it's as much a chore to finish as I've heard, but hopefully I'll be entertained.
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Mob Psycho manga ch. 1-94

Patience is a virtue, and I consider myself a patient person...but Dark Horse is alarmingly slow with releasing volumes of the manga here, I don't expect an anime adaptation to come out for another couple of years, I need more canon material, and I need to read fanfic without being spoiled. I think I can allow myself to unwrap a present early.

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Using my livejournal as a confession booth

So, for those not in the know, I've been big into Mob Psycho this year. I gushed about it a bit a while back, and those feelings have remained unchanged. I haven't felt this passionately about an anime series since Kaiji, and I can say without shame that it's one of the best things that's happened to me this year.

It's also one of the worst things that's happened to me this year because Collapse )
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10 years of tears and noses

‪Was looking through old posts of mine and June 5th 2009 marked the day I finished season 1 of Kaiji…10 years…I had to celebrate 🎉 ‬

Special thanks to Kelly Onelani for making the Kaijidog plush a reality!
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Mob Mob Mob Mob Mob

All I want to do is prattle on about Mob Psycho 100. The first season was really good, but it never reached the point where I felt passionately about it as a whole (save for Mob and Reigen, who I adore to no end).

But the second season. The second season has seized my heart in a vise-grip; it's everything that was so good about the first season but with even more emphasis on what made it such: the lessons of life that are at once sobering and uplifting, the highly poignant, highly entertaining dynamic between Mob and Reigen, Mob and Reigen themselves as characters, who are among the best-written I've seen in recent anime, the animation where every frame counts even when it's not an action scene...

But what I've really been adoring about this season is the stronger focus on the supernatural as being truly supernatural. The spirits here range from mischievous to violently antagonistic to passively benevolent in ways that are strikingly eerie in presentation (well before it cranks it into full gear in episode 5, even!). It's something I've craved from supernatural-themed anime for the longest time: something that really understands the concept and weight of the unknown, as opposed to another monster of the week.

Mob and Reigen continue to be the stars though, make no mistake. I both can't stop gushing about and am at a total loss for words for how to gush about them, they're just so expertly crafted in this way that's different and refreshing and captures all the nuances of adolescence and adulthood and...! I ended up rewatching season one and the recap OVA, because I couldn't get enough of them. They're the embodiment of something so engrossing they could be peeling paint and they'd have my undivided attention.

I hope the second season continues on with this stride of quality. It's been so long since I've felt this excitedly overjoyed about something on a weekly basis.
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New Year's Resolutions 2019

Is it too soon to be posting New Year's resolutions? Maybe, but I'm going to anyway.

Main goals:
  • Learn to drive
    • Fears and Challenges: Where to begin? I've been practicing driving since 2008 and it's always been a nerve-wracking experience, as is typical for most inexperienced drivers, but it reached a point where I sought professional help about it that concluded my anxiety and disability may have been what's handicapping me from driving safely. I still have many fears about driving from the possibility of facing a police officer to ending up in an accident, and the only thing that's making me reconsider it is starting up hypnotherapy with my therapist, and my...
    • Motivations and Goals: I'm weary of relying on others for transportation. There's places I want to go and people I want to meet up with, in short and in longer distances, without having to worry about draining my bank account or asking someone to take time out of their schedule for me. A newfound sense of freedom, independence, and happiness, is what I hope to gain from this.
  • Start up a WordPress blog
    • Fears and Challenges: I'll be writing about subjects that will dip into intensely personal and possibly controversial territory and, as such, I'll always be at risk of backlash or ridicule. Technically, I'm already at risk just by having an online presence, but setting up a more "professional" space to post opinion pieces is going to be examined with a more critical eye than what I'd throw up on a microblogging site. Writing these pieces (media analyses, mostly) will take a lot of work and energy on my part both in creating and editing them to make sure they meet my standards and what I believe will be the standards of most others. Regular output will also be a challenge.
    • Motivations and Goals: I have a lot of thoughts on my mind and a passion for writing; I want to hone both of these on a more regular basis and in a space that's explicitly dedicated to it. I feel like I've held back on words I've wanted to say for so long, out of fear of embarrassment that I'll mostly be talking to a wall, and as a result I feel like I'm not letting others see a side of me that I cherish. This is something I want to pursue both for fun, for solidarity (I'll very likely be writing articles connecting to trans issues, but sometimes that "Thank god, someone else feels this way" feeling is pretty great too), and to get others to think.
  • Increase my days at the gym from 3 days a week to 4 days a week
    • Fears and Challenges: Because of the change in my work schedule, as well as the trans masculine group I meet on Wednesdays evenings (I have to leave an hour after the gym opens again), I'll have to modify the original schedule that I was pretty satisfied with (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) to something else. Getting out of bed is harder work than any of the stations they have me work out at. At least one of these days (I'm shooting for a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday schedule) will land on a work day (Thursday) where I'll likely be feeling too tired to want to hit the gym. One of these days (Tuesday) is one I'd rather just take the entire day off.
    • Motivations and Goals: I've been working out for three years, and my body has been seeing some enormous positive change from it...and I want to keep at that, and hopefully gain a body I can be even prouder of. Working out an extra day will be beneficial to my body but also my overall mood, especially knowing I've succeeded at taking 4 out of 7 of the days to work out.
Secondary goals: assert myself, leave comments on fanfic I've enjoyed.
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I had my first meeting with a group of trans masculine people. I was referred to the group via a member from another trans group I went to this week; a group which was plenty supportive enough, but seeing a group targeted at a very specific niche of mine was something I needed badly. I've been on T for a year, and while it's been a great thing for me, it's also been a very isolating and lonely experience that's taken an enormous mental toll on me; I have no trans (or LGBTQ-aligned in general) friends or groups in my area, and being online can fill that void for only so long before you just need to meet someone like you in flesh and blood.

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